Module_name_owner_standard must be unique

I’m getting the error “module_name_owner_standard must be unique” when attempting to add icons to user’s desktops. Anyone have an idea of what it means?

Even I am getting this Message when adding Sales Order on desktop in
ERPNext: v7.0.21
Frappe Framework: v7.0.18

Any Ideas ?

Performing a bench restart solved the problem for us. Not sure what the cause was though.

Same. I am on a free plan right now, so i guess there is nothing i can do about it (?).


I got same error while adding Issue icon to desktop.

I tried bench restart. But still showing the same error.

Note: No error while adding issue icon with Administrator user.

same here module_name_owner_standard must be unique when trying to add ToDo List to the Desktop (attempted by a non admin user)

I can add the Tools Module as a whole though

bench restart didn’t change anything in this behavior

Having the same issue on my end as well. Hosted account.

Hi, same issue here, any idea for this?

Hi there, same problem here in different servers with:

ERPNext: v7.0.42
Frappe Framework: v7.0.30

This is fixed in 7.1.x

Same error “module_name_owner_standard must be unique”.

In Erpnext v7.2.6, Frappe Framework 7.2.5.

Sorry !!

Even tried with clearing cache + redis cache. Bench restart performed, even system reboot performed. Still
getting it with ERPNext v8.0.8 as well.

I have found if you go to the icon list and make 1 of the icons ‘standard’, and delete any duplicates, that I don’t get this error.

cpurbaugh - not sure how to do that in the free account.
rmehta - is there a work around on this one?

All good.
Set Desktop Icons > Select All