Module not Found error after new custom field in Core DocType User Permission

Hi. I added a field in the Doctype “User Permission” thought Customize Form and now, when I try to access the Doctype on the “Applicable For” field it throws the error: “Module Costa Rica is not found”. Costa Rica is a custom Module Def that I created like a year ago and it has nothing to do with the new field.

I have created other New Doctypes linked to the Costa Rica Module and I have no problem with any of those and I do not get the Module Costa Rica not Found error

I deleted the new field from the core Doctype but I still have the error.

Do you have any idea how can I revert that?

Thanks in advance!

I partially solved it by changing the Module to the custom DocTypes I had made that where related to that Module. That Module was a custom Module, and when I changed them to a Module that is a part of my app, the error was gone.

Anyone knows why would that error happen?