[Module Request] Subscription module for Consumptions

As every company started offering subscriptions to their consumers it has now become important to have a comprehensive Subscription module to cover most subscription scenarios.

Core Functionalities:

  1. Subscription contract and Orders
  2. Single subscription with multiple products
  3. Allow customer to configure their subscription. Configure individual products within the subscription
  4. A Charging and rating engine which can listen to events and create charge items based on the charge plans
  5. An invoicing engine which can create consolidated invoices based on the Charge items. Something similar to POS invoice and Sales Invoices of V13.

If interested I can help with drafting the functionalities and with testing.
I have architected and developed some of the components of SAP Hybris billing. Thought I can help this community with my prior experience.

Kind Regards,
Arunkumar Ganesan

This will be good addition to ERPNext

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