MODULES / MODULE PROFILES is there any way to AUTOMATICALLY assign default modules or module to a new user, or a role (which news users will get via LDAP)

Is it possible?

The goal is basic… don’t enable every module for a new automatically-created user (LDAP in case case

With LDAP we can specify the initial ROLE a new valid LDAP user will have. Great!

But I can’t figure out how to remove the modules from a stripped new user.

At this point even a hardcoded hack like:

if ROLE = X (set by ldap) then set module profile = X during login

would be better than nothing.

I like to add to this. That would be awesome. Any ideas or solution to this?

any update ?

you can create a server script at User Doctype, update module profile after insert event:
doc.module_profile = “X-profile”