Modules not found in github source code

Hi Everyone,
A bit confused with the term “100% open source and free”. I can see the documentation for the modules like Human Resource Management. But in the source code (say branch: version-14) I can not see Human Resource Management Module.

Did I miss anything? Are these modules will be available upon installation or, these are commercial modules?

HRMS is a separated app now. This is the repo:

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Mir_Mohamed_Ullah ,

Prior to version 14, when you installed ERPNext, all the modules installed at once. This design methodology was called “the monolith.” Like most things in software, there were advantages and disadvantages.

In version 14+, ERPNext installs with some of the most-common modules (Accounting, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, etc.)

If you want to add more modules, like Human Resource Management? You just need to perform additional installation steps. But they are still free and open source.


Thanks @brian_pond and @avc. I got the point.