statitc data deffinition

In Egypt, we have variable day lightsaving issues.
The last year, we he had no day light saving.
This year we have.
I see that the data for time zones along withthe day light saving info is hard coded in the V13.
This will always be confilcting with continuous changing local regulations.
I suggest that you change it to be fetched dynamically.
Looking forward to see this in the next update soon.
I am using V13, but I also see the same with V14.

@ME_Technology, I understand the situation!

Here in Brazil, we removed the Day Light Saving Time, 3 years ago, and now there’s a proposed law to bring it back!

One important thing I wanna note, is that moment.js is not an Frappe / ERPNext project, it’s mainted completely by another team, it’s another product, and Frappe / ERPNext only make use of that to solve date and time problems.

To be more effective I think you should raise an issue in they repo, pointing the issue you had.

Letting this issue only here, dont will move the subject into the properly direction to the resolution.

Thanks for your reply.
It is clear that moment.js is not a frappr project.
They have copied the data into the core python file :
this is what makes the problem.
By the way, using the moment .js library fetches the right time according to the browser time zone.