Monitoring & evaluation - for NGO or non-profit reporting

Has anybody heard of implementations of Monitoring & Evaluation customizations done within ERPNext (as often done by NGOs for development related projects)?

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I am interested in this topic as well. Any feedback?

I think this is an important consideration. An equivalent from Oracle is Social Impact for Nonprofit Organizations | NetSuite

“Charity Navigator recommended governance metrics for Fundraising Efficiency, Program Efficiency, Administrative Ratio, Fundraising Ratio, Cash Flow to Total Debt, and Contributions Ratio.”

Assuming they specify the basis of their calculation standard, say for eg

Then for NGOs or non-profits who use ERPNext for their operations, these specific metrics likely can be derived from existing standard reports, and implemented as a custom report. That would help corroborate metrics published by say watchdog agencies.

A forum search may give pointers to the existence or progress on that front.

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Any one with an update of using Frappe to build a Monitoring and Evaluation system?

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We helped a partner organization get set up for M&E with Frappe/ERPNext. Last I checked, it was working great for them. Good workflows, clear data management, etc.

We’ve done something similar. Would want to hear of your workflows, or the flows. Our design is based on input we got from the customer.

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Hi Peter. We are currently looking into building something like this. Do you do this as a consultant? Would be interested to talk to you.