Monitoring screen in ERPnext

I need to build a (report, or screen) to monitor all users in the system, for example, when opening the screen, show me what is happening today for each user.

  • User
  • create document
  • delete document
  • edit document
  • login time
  • logout time

Hi Omar, what’s your question?

Hi @rmeyer,
My question is how I can monitor my user’s activity on the system?

Activity Log doctype

Thank you @fkardame, but when see Activity Log

I can’t now which one is created and which one is edit or delete document

Hi @Omar_Mohammed:

See this doctypes:

  • Activity Log: Stores login / logout events
  • Route History: Navigation log for each user
  • Version: Here you can see all the changes made in each document (if Track changes is active)

Combining this 3 sources with a custom report you will get the desired result.
As far I know, there is not other way to achieve this.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @avc I will build a report combining those 3 doctypes and see the result