Month Translation using _ not working!

Tryng to have the Month returned translated to Portuguese with no luck …
I have also looked on page and could not find the translation for the Months!!!

Can we add this to the Translate DB so i can reflect on ERPNext when translated?

Another point is that when using _ to translate i think the user case should not be a problem … translating
_(‘Male’) or _(‘male’) should be the same …

Hi @Helio_Jesus, Did you upload the pull request with the translation?

No i did not.

Actually as a temp solution i did was this

mes1 = requests.get(“” + frappe.translate.get_user_lang(frappe.session.user) + “&dt=t&q=” + ss.start_date.strftime(“%B”))

mes2_ = mes1.text[mes1.text.find(‘"’)+1:mes1.text.find(‘,’)-1].strip()

Get google translate to do for me.