Month-Wise Heat Map issue

I was just looking at the month-wise heat map here Heatmap.

The numeric date of the Saturday at the bottom and the Sunday in the next column are the same. Ie… This chart has 6 day weeks, and a real week is 7 days. I would like to see this fixed as this chart is really important to me.


I have seen this too. Here are two screenshots from Not Found

A few notes:

  • I took the screenshots from the last chart on the page and selected “Discrete” to separate the months.
  • You can see that I hovered over the first Sunday in May and it is indicated as May 2, 2020. But the first Sunday in May in 2020 was the 3rd.
  • Then you can see that the next Sunday is highlighted as May 8, 2020. This means that the previous week was only 6 days long.
  • This pattern persists every week. The last date of the week is repeated at the beginning of the next week. You can also see that visually the square/days don’t line up. March appears to end on a Saturday but April appears to start on a Wednesday.

I thought that maybe this was a browser thing but I see it on Safari and Chrome (MacOS). I checked my laptop (also MacOS) and saw it there too.

I run Windows 10 in emulation and saw the same thing

Lastly, I saw it in iOS


Here is a super-clear breakdown of the issue from 4 YEARS ago.

… AND a PR: [Heatmap] Adjusting grid calcualtion for consistent grid layout by kimili · Pull Request #161 · frappe/charts · GitHub
Props to kimili (Michael Bester) · GitHub

(Can we get some PST=GMT-8 love?)


We realize that this bug is invisible to everyone in IST, but it is a really ugly blemish at the top of hundreds of pages and in every Demo of ERPNext we do. So here is our “contribution” to ERPNext. Hopefully it contributes to greater acceptance in other time zones.

Above offer assumes that this timezone bug gets fixed throughout ALL Frappe Charts.


I’m seeing that The issue is only for UTC - timezones. So basically the Western Hemisphere of Earth. If you have UTC + timezone East of Greenwich, it works well. Must be an issue with the definition of converting the start of the next week. Anyone can see the issue by changing the timezone on their own computer. If I change to UTC +, it works correctly. Unfortunately, I live in UTC-

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You’re right - I love the heat map concept - I just wish I could see them.

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