Monthly Attendance Sheet Record

I have a system user and HR manager role but the monthly attendance sheet only shows my attendance record but not all. Could anyone help me fix it? Many Thanks

Check if there’s a user permission created against yourself. That would prevent you from accessing other employees’ data.

Eg: when you open the employee list, can you view only your record or all employees?

I only see the my record. How can I check the permission. Since I create other user, having same permission, who can see all records. I don’t know why?

I checked the Employee Records. It seems that the user have been restricted in his record (the right hand side upper corner having the yellow button “Restricted” and show that the only ID in the value field of Name. How can change the restrictions? Many thanks

Open User Permissions and delete the one restricting you to your record only. If you’re not sure, have a word with the ERP admin :sweat_smile:

EDIT: documentation link :