Monthly Distribution (Budget Definition)

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In monthly distribution we can distribute total of 100% as per our requirement month wise but these percentages will be applied to all account heads.

What if we have different monthly percentages for different account heads?

Any solution please.



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Currently there is no functionality to achieve that. Please raise an issue on github.

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I am reviving this topic because this issue just cropped up with a customer who handles up to 200 budgets (one for each cost centers), ~1000 accounts per budget , thus creating the necessity to define 200,000 monthly distributions and then applying them to each account (functionality which does not exist in ERPNext as of 2019 in version-11 nor version-12.) Generating budgets in this manner would be quite cumbersome.

The most straightforward way we consider amongst the customer finance staff and our dev team is as follows:
For each cost center, define in excel the budget distribution per month, per account
Once this process has been completed for each of the cost centers, the data is uploaded using Data Import tool, and the budget items created.

The ability to manually specify amount per month of budget gives tons of flexibility to users.
Since we are creating this functionality, we will also add weekly distribution option.

I have raised the issue: Add Budget Distribution Loading Mode · Issue #19669 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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