Monthly Salary Report

Hi there,
i dont know why my monthly salary report shows every column twice how can i set it to display only once.
The thing i am facing is that it shows earning and deduction fields twice.
i.e. for earning too it shows all the salary component fields as well for deduction.
What may be the Solution for it?

@rmehta Can u please look into the matter

Hi there,
There is an issue regarding Monthly Salary Report.
The issue is that the columns for earning and deductions are displayed twice not segregated.
What i mean is that the Salary components are displayed twice.

Following image will help you understand an issue in much better way:

@Ujjawal I was able to replicate the issue at my end as well, we will look into it as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks @KanchanChauhan

@Ujjawal Thanks for reporting the issue. We are fixing this via [fix] duplicate columns in monthly salary report #6623 by saurabh6790 · Pull Request #6625 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Please let me know if the problem is solved.

Hi there @saurabh6790 is the issue solved?

Resolved. wait for release into master branch then you will able to do bench update or if you are erpnext cloud customer, you will able to see update applied automatically in couple of days.