Moodle Integration

Is there a way to integrate ERPNEXT with Moodle ?, so on enrolling student from student applicant, it goes to moodle and create user for this student, and on program enrollment, it goes to moodle and enroll this student to his specific grade courses.

Any Ideas ?

you can try something below (its in PHP):

There are a number of ways to do this. We’ve integrated ERPNext and Moodle very directly using Moodle’s external database enrolment plugin. On the ERPNext side, we generated a new table VIEW and granted access to that view to the external database plugin. It was very easy to set up and a bit more robust, in my opinion, that doing the same thing with APIs would have been.

Hello @peterg ,

Can you give as more information of this table view?

It’s means SQL query details and the name of table VIEW if there’s in default installation database.

Many Thanks.

I don’t recall the specific query. It was tailored to fit the fields needed by the external database plugin.

What is his name in ERPnext database ?

I don’t understand what you’re asking. You can use the table for any ERPNext doctype that suits your workflow. We used tabProgram Enrollment, but you could pick other options too.