More filtering criteria (Erp Translator)

Hi Everyone,

I’m contributing in translating to Spanish but as a translator i feel that the Erp Translator is lacking of some functionalities such as the ones describes below:

  • Option to filter just the unverified translations.
  • Option to exclude translations made by me.
  • Option to filter just the translation that where made automatically using google translator.
  • Improve the search option.

###Why i’m asking for that?

  1. Because as i’m interested in using this software in my native language and plan to install it in my country to a few companies. I must ensure that everything is translated property.
  2. With does options I can sit in my computer and take an entire Sunday with a cup of wine translating and verifying all the unverified translations easily.
  3. Wile using the software sometimes I find untranslated words but when looking for them in the Erp translator i can not find then such as ( No records tagged, Add filter, etc… ).

Thanks in advice.

Thanks @Romaldy_Minaya for your suggestions.

Can you posts your requests at

We will look at these issues together in a bunch.

Thanks for you replay, the issue where posted at More filtering criteria (Erp Translator) · Issue #33 · frappe/translator · GitHub.

Thanks in advice.