More than one company on one Digital ocean droplet

Good day all

I have created a droplet at Digital ocean with my erpnext on. Currently configuring it.

I am trying to understand how eronext handles a few issues but the videos on youtube doesn’t
seem to cover the questions I have. So the next thing would be to simply do it the way I understand it … and see if ti works … i.e. an erpnext where I can “play” without inputting data on my working erpnext and later having to delete this “test-transactions”.

I can ofcourse create another droplet, but something else that I was thinking … to create another company

so here is my question:
If I create another company, does that create a totally separate database, or would the transactions of the second company be in the same tables, just with different permissions so that different people can access their data without the other company data being visible?

Many thanks

Data for multiple companies on the same Instance is stored in same Database
If you want to restrict Access Company-wise you will have to configure it through User permissions and grant users rights Company wise

Many thanks Manan for taking the time.

I understand. To create another company would not be the solution for me then.

One other way would be for me to duplicate the droplet at digital ocean.
I have posted a question with their support dept about this about this and currently waiting for
an answer.

Many thanks

Have you looked at Multi-tenant Setup ?
Check out these links, it might help
Frappe Architecture
Multi-tenant Setup

Better go for multi-tenent setup. Detailed instruction here. here

Use different subdomain for each company, erpnext is built for that from ground up you don’t have to worry about another company data been visible to others.

And no you don’t have to duplicate droplets just enable multi tenant on your bench configuration

Your may wish to consider further your question.
If you are seeking to have separate companies within the same group, i.e having the same owners, then a single site can suffice. Separate companies can be setup in the companies section (accounting v13) of single site. Probably should discuss with an accounting person of the entity.
If separate owners the multi tenant (site) as mentioned works well.
A site can can have a single or multiple companies, and an install can have multiple sites (tenancies), with each having single or multiple companies.

Many thanks jfe,spryng,Manan_Shah and Support-at-ERPgulf for your time.
Let me look at those options that you have suggested.

Appreciate you taking the time to help.