Most Important Feature of V4 not in V5

I really like the status bar for each PO in the V4. It used to give billing and received status.

In purchase invoice if we do partial payment, it use to show it visually.

I’m big fan of visual interpretation of data. As they say, Image is worth 1000 words, I request Rushab and team to continue these status bars in V5 too. Same is the case on the Sales Order/ Invoice window

Infact I would say, we should have three status bar in PO/SO Received/Delivered, Billed, Paid.

I hope I’m not unreasonable and other in the community also thing so !


@amruthp we have standardized on the new indicators that are consistent across all list views.

You should try it out for a few days and you will like them.

@rmehta I agree :smile: , but it is becoming more verbose than Visual :frowning: personally I’m fan of graphs, status bars. Also, you can change the color of those earlier bars to indicate the status.

Food for thought: infact,. Human brain interprets visualizations and color better than words. Imagine traffic lights instead of signals had just words STOP, GO.
Brain process Image and visualizations under 13 mill-seconds and Language processing is close to 100ms per word. So understanding 20 status bars takes less time than 4 Overdue draft. One of the reasons why SAP is so tiring to use is because it is too verbose. People get tired looking at data’s.
My belief is anything that can be representable visually, should be represented that way as it removes tremendous brain power to interpret it.

If you do A/B testing of older version representation and new, I’m sure of which one going to win :smile:


@amruthp the new indicators are colour coded so that should help. Not reverting as of now. Maybe if there are many other requests, we may consider.