Most Stuffs do not work

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I am new in ERPNEXT. I have just launched the Admin interface on google cloud. Most of the settings when clicked do not work. For instance, I clicked system setting, nothing happens

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Hahaha. We’ve been there.
This forum was my invaluable resource.
If you things simpler, there is frappe cloud.

Hi Joseph, thanks for your reply.

Do you have any help please?

I understand that stuffs are not working. Which stuffs are not clear.
It helps if you show screenshots, or logs.

I clicked system setting, nothing happens

what is shown in the developer console of the browser?

Sorry. Not enough information. Frappe / ERPNext is a huge environment with many setup options and moving parts. I don’t know how you set up your system - did you use Easy Install or manual Hitchhiker’s guide, what is your memory size, your OS and version, your python version, your bench version, Frappe / ERPNext version, etc.

I can assure you that if your system is installed properly, everything happens, and most stuffs work.

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