Moved my app folder away and now bench update complains that module does not exist

Okay here is the history of what I did. Initially I had a problem running bench update, I thought it was because I had an app in apps that was not versioned, so I moved the folder away and tried running bench update again but it still did not work.

After I moved it back into the apps folder, I get the error:

ImportError: No module named myapp

What can I do to save this without loosing my app contents ?

  1. always make new things on a snapshot, so you can reverse in case of any error
  2. I’d try to uninstall your app (after you put it’s folder back)

Quick hardcore fix would be removing your custom app name from
then try running bench update.

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Yes I used quick and version above after running into the same issue that you are having.
I had to run from /frappe-bench/:
sudo service nginx reload
sudo supervisorctl reload
for the changes to be made.