Moving all stock item quantities from warehouse A to B?

Is there an easier way to move all stock item quantities from warehouse A to B?

Unfortunately I cant just rename the warehouse because they are under different companies.

Urgent help needed.

You can use ‘Stock Entry’ for material transfer.

Hello Pawan

Thanks for your answer.


  1. Intercompany Stock Transfer isnt allowed.
  2. Entering multiple items one-by-one is a huge undertaking

Although it would violate accounting and good practices, and is ill-advised on every level, you could dig around in the DB tables via sql

Maybe create a temp warehouse in both Companies and then use data import tool.

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Thanks for your contribution @trentmu bu I havent SQL’d in too long. And It’ll take me a while to get it right. I can’t be confident many users will find this method doable.

@Pawan this seems to be the best method I’ve heard of so far. I’m yet to try it. Thanks.