Moving ERPNext-13 to ERPNext-14 is a good idea?

I tried to upgrade ERP-13 to 14 and I done lot of changes and still getting some error’s like GST doctypes are no there and so many UI changes. is it good to move to the ERP-14, please someone suggest


Yes, moving to version 14 is good idea, as lot of new features are introduced in this version.

Also, note that from version 14 many applications are de-coupled from the core. For example, HRMS is a now separate app, same goes with the GST documents. For GST India Compliance is separate app.

The following modules has been separated out from ERPNext and new apps has been created.

Once you install the required apps, it will work like before.

You can read the complete change log here: Version 14 Release Notes


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If you stay with a single version for a long time, eventually it will become unsupported, might not work with newer python or database, which will also become unsupported.

The longer you wait the harder it will become, and also you can’t skip major versions when updating.

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Whenever I talk to my clients about Upgrades, I always suggest we think and discuss first.

What is the Return On Investment (ROI) for performing this Upgrade?

  1. How much time + effort will it take? Not just from a software developer, but from everyone else who needs to participate? What costs/value do we associate with that effort?

  2. What are the risks if we stay on Current Version for another 6-12 months?

    • If the old version is unsupported, what does that actually mean to us? Were you actually getting real “support” anyway? Is that just a scary but meaningless word?

    • Were you already going to update your OS and dependent software? Or would that only happen because of an upgrade?

  3. What are the true, tangible benefits of moving to New Version?

    • Does it have a new module/feature that we’d begin using immediately? What’s the value of that feature(s)?

    • Does it fix something that you know is broken, and has been causing problems? What’s the value of the fix(es)?

    • Does it enable the business to accomplish something it cannot accomplish today? What’s the value of that new capability?

  4. Besides an Upgrade, what else might we spent our time/budget on? What’s that worth to us?

  5. Can the business leaders and employees commit the necessary time + energy to help with QA and Regression Testing?

If you can answer the questions above, you’ll know whether to Upgrade, or not.