Moving from one server, to another. Help needed with document attachments :)

Hello community. I’m moving two of my Frappe instances to a different region, combining them in into a single server in the process.

I have restored one of the sites successfully with bench restore, but the other, I had to export my documents using data export tool. What I’ve noticed is exported documents does not export files attached to itself. I have attached a screenshot.

Where do I export these data in Frappe? If not possible, which table do I dump to get these data? :grin:

Thanks guys.

  1. you import/export the file : awesome search go to File then thre is function you
    export/Import file there
  2. you can do export the File or the database table tabFile (this will bring back the correct file path.
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That’s exactly what I’ve thought and I did that. But I was still not seeing the attachments.

Although, I see an error I made which was to change the naming series to a different format :sweat_smile: anyways, how can I rename 500 documents to a new (the old) naming series?

And thank you Skanel! Dang, Frappe really comes with batteries built in!