Moving site to hosting provider

I have made some modifications to the ‘’
These modifications gets frappe up and running on Arch LInux.

If interested I can I can clone and make a pull request.

What are the pitfalls while move an erpnext app?

Can I do a move to a hostting company without to much hazzle?

Is it possible (or even exist) to copy the site to af webhosting company?

If true which dirs/files should be copied?

I realize that redis and supervisor and nginx doesn’t run on the webhost.

Is the site dependent on redis, supervisor? that is can t ignore these?

I recon ngninx is needed but can it be substituted with apache?

So is it possible to move the site without trouble?

Frede H

@fhdk check this: Restoring From ERPNext Backup · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

You need 2 files the database backup and the files backup to move your site.

At minimum you need a VM to run ERPnext, standard CGI based web hosts won’t run. Luckly we have DigitalOcean