Moving Tasks using the Gantt Chart doesn't function correctly

As per the request of some community members I am cross posting my research on Gantt chart issues in the Project Management module for ERPNext 12 on this forum. Hopefully I can gather more input about testing procedures here!

"When moving tasks using the Gantt view the task will have its’ date set to 1 month ago and task duration to set to 1 day. If the task has tasks dependant on it it will also recursively reset the linked tasks. This is both in the Gantt view and visible on the the task properties itself.

Please see order of actions below with screenshots. (Movement was performed from current day to next calendar day by dragging the centre of the task)."

Screenshots and further information can be accessed via the github link below.


Many thanks for sharing, welcome to ERNext @bitaccesscomau !

I concur with this problem.
The bar in many times are not predictable even when we change the dates in the table, or when predecessor change.

I have had this problem both trying to modify in the Gantt chart area by dragging and dropping or modifying start and finish as well as the task level changing milestones, groups and colors that don’t show in the Gantt chart. :slight_smile:

Facing the exact same issue. Any update on this?

There is an open PR for this issue. But as this PR has not been merged yet, for now I copied the code from the PR to my Frappe Core files to get Gantt charts to function.

Please note that you are overriding core files, and you won’t be able to run bench update successfully after this (unless you know what you are doing)

Steps to copy the code to your local instance:

  1. Copy frappe-gantt.css and frappe-gantt.js from that PR
  2. Copy files to your environment, e.g. to /home/user/temp with PSCP or WinSCP
  3. Log in as your frappe user and replace the frappe-gantt.css and frappe-gantt.min.js files in ~/frappe-bench/apps/frappe/frappe/public/js/lib/frappe-gantt with the ones you’ve downloaded
  4. Run bench build

I sure hope this gets merged - I willing to throw some money at this to get it merged…Tell me who to pay, and how much and let’s get this solved. :slight_smile: