Moving to ERPNext v12

I have ERPNext v11 running for a business and considering moving to version 12. I know that ERPNext v12 has been released some time ago but is it stable enough to be used in a production environment?

Also, is the ERPNext cloud now on version 12?


did you ever get an answer to your post?

Now that ERPNext v12 is released a long ago, I have decided to move to v12 still running on v11 though.

can you elaborate on the concrete steps you took to so that?
Die you update bench aswell?

I did not move to v12 yet. When I upgrade will tell you.

I believe the steps should be

  1. cd ~/frappe-bench
  2. bench update
  3. bench setup requirements
  4. bench switch-to-branch version-12 frappe erpnext --upgrade
  5. bench update --patch
  6. bench migrate
  7. bench update --build

(not 100% sure about #7bench update --build

would you agree?

Have to check this. I will have to migrate soon and probably over the weekend. Will let you know and will use this to start. Many thanks!

I am attempting the migration also atm, maybe we can help each other out in case needed.

Hi @vrms

I did the migration and unfortunately, it was not smooth. I was using Python 2.x and faced an issue migrating it to v3.x. Therefore, all I did was,

  • Setup a new ERPNext v12 instance
  • Backed up all the sites with files (I only had 4 sites with ERPNext + custom-developed apps with each site)
  • Setup new sites on the new instance and restored backups
  • Ran ‘bench migrate’ for each site and all were running fine with v12.

One more important thing to note. My custom apps did not have a Desk menu that is compatible with v12 so I had to fix that and all good.

Let me know if you need any help.

I managed to migrate 2 weeks ago with some adjustments. but just out of curiosity …

u actually restored v11 databases to v12 instances (which results into an “Internal Server Error” I believe) and then ran bench migrate on that new v12 instances?

if that is so I am surprised restoring works on a MariaDB level even.

Yes, all I did was following.

  • Created a site for each of the sites I had and did the following steps for them
  • Execute bench --site --force restore ....
    Above will restore the database and replace all the public/private files.
  • Execute bench --site migrate
    This applies all the changes needed to v12

Restoring works with MariaDB level because it is merely a DB restore, schema compatibility with v12 is not needed. running bench migrate for the site makes it compatible with v12