Moving to the next or previous record

Comparing with Odoo, if u select the record from the list view (in any module) and u r inside the record screen, and u need to see the next record (for example the next item in the stock), you do not need to go back to the list view to select the next item, but it is possible to click on the arrow to take u to the next item. Is this possible in ERPnext? Because I do not see the ability to navigate to the next or previous record without being in the list or image view.

This is in the Road map for version 9

OK thank. But if I need to do this by my self, which file in the source code I have to start by it? I need some guide to start this work.

By the way, where you can see the version 9 road map?


I upgraded for version 9, but I did not see this feature.
I would to know if it has been applied or not.