MR error when saving

Hi everyone,

i keep on getting this error when i ‘Save’ (status Pending) a Material Request and also when i ‘Approve’ a Material Request.

Note that record is still saved, but this pop up always shows.

Can someone help me identify the issue.

I’m new to ERPNext but i am persistent to knowing more about it.

Error Screenshot:


Looks like you’ve configured a workflow on the Material Request?

I’d suggest starting looking there and seeing if there’s a misconfigured role in it.

Likewise, check for the possibility of a notification being triggered for either approval and submission of the Material Request.

hi sir @kennethsequeira,

Thank you for your reply.

  • Yes, we made a workflow for the Material Request module.

  • How do i know if the role is misconfigured? what should i look for?

  • i will look into notifications for Material Request. tho i still need to find where the ‘cannot find user’ is triggered.