MS365 Integration Questions

So I managed to follow the step by step instructions and successfully connected ERPNext to MS 365, really wasn’t’ that bad!!

But I had a few questions and I’m hoping the community can assist.
Our environment is
Frappe Cloud
ERPNext 15

1 - When I send an email in ERPNext from the email account, the email is sent as on behalf of
Is there a way to send without using the “On Behalf

2 - Using IMAP for MS 365 incoming, all the emails become marked as Read when using Outlook. Is there a way to maintain the “UnRead” for incoming emails?

3 - And is there a way to show sent item in the Sent Item Folder when using the client app (Outlook)

I still have some testing of this feature, but in general, this looks promising.

Thank you in advance!!


Just wanted to see if anyone else ran into the same issues with Office 365 integration?

My main concern is the send on behalf, which I know will end up in customers junk folders.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @jroyDC

I think this is not a Frappe related issue, but M365 configuration setting … Are you sending emails with the same account (credentials) that you need to use as sender?

It may be an MS365 issue, we are using MS Security Defaults, which disables SMTP AUTH, even if the Mail Flow Setting allow SMTP AUTH, if the Security Defaults are enables, SMTP AUTH is disabled regardless.
This is causing me grief, lol!!