Muliple Finished Products from one product, difference in valuation

I am using 9.1.4 version. I have an issue in Manufacture entry.

Source-Paddy is processed and Rice and Rice Bran are products; created a BOM for Rice keeping Paddy as Material and Rice Bran in Scrap Items but when a Stock Entry using Manufacturing is done, the valuation shown differs from that of calculated valuation.

Yes my understanding is that valuation can be a puzzle!

Without showing us actual numbers, say a screenshot or reports, your case may or may not be a bug?

Have you a more recent version test environment to compare results?

hope this helps

Hello Mr. Clark, please check the screenshots.

Your numbers are illegible even when I download and zoom in on a page image.

Since V9 is near obsolete and likely not subject to fixes, to reproduce your case on ERPNext V11 would be best to know how to proceed.


I am sorry, the images are not legible. I am sending legible images again. As my website is in V9 and I did not upgrade to V11 yet, I would like to know if there is any way to correct the valuations.

Precisely what calculation is it that you believe is in error?


“I would like to know if there is any way to correct the valuations”

Provided it is a suspected bug in V11, then yes that should be reported on github.

For it to be fixed in V9 may be left up to you.