Mult-tenant architecture


Can someone please tell me in which form ERPNext has multi-tenant architecture - shared database, shared schema or shared database, separate schema or it does not have multi-tenant architecture - so separate databases?

Separate databases, each site has his own database

Thank you JoEz. Then, do you think it can have issues in scaling?

Hi Nishank,
ERPNext has a multi-tenant site where they offer cloud services. When i signed up for a test run, I havent seen any performance issues with it, and i think they have quite a lot of customers using it. Each site having its own database by itself is not an issue if the server side scripts are efficiently written and have a small foot print.

Maybe you have a context in mind where you want to deploy. Without knowing it, would be difficult for anyone to say for sure :slight_smile:


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Thank you Deepak.

hi nishank
see the blog posts on scaleablity

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