Multi-campus for Educational Institute

How do you guys handle an Educational Institute for Multiple campuses?

Do you go the Multi-Company route since the School runs virtually independent of each other?

Yes, you can use multi company setup or set the main institution as parent and rest as child.
Some new features for education module will be released in couple of weeks…

Thanks. Where can I see a list of the new features?

You can get it in update.
also track the new releases

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How do I setup students ,teachers to a institution?

You have to create employee and assign to the instructor. Follow the manual.

Education Domain

If there are multiple institution,students need to be assigned to one institution.i couldn’t find that

Multiple Institutions or Multiple Campuses?

I mean multiple campus of same institution.students of one campus need to be seperated from other


You can create separate programs and batch for different campuses. So that you can filter students under Program Enrollment based on programs.

The Student Doctype as such does not have an Institution docfield like in Fees doctype. But you always have an option to include one if you want it that way. This is the beauty of ERPNext, highly flexible & customisable.