Multi-company basics

Trying to setup a multi company instance where, Company A manufactures and B Trades.
There is a little stock kept in both companies.
How do I setup items?

  1. is_purchase, is_selling. As it will be only selling for company A but purchase and selling for B.
  2. default warehouse? is there Company wise default warehouse and reorder-level?
  3. company wise default expense accounts and cost center?
  4. inspection required at incoming and outgoing? shouldn’t this be warehouse wise?
  5. item supplier company wise?
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@rijul: please find my IMHO suggestions below

Yes, both flags should be set on for Items that are operated by both companies.

There is a way to set up this per company. Every warehouse can be attached to a company.

This can be set up for every company separately.

Quality inspections are set up per Item (rather the per a Warehouse). You may want to review Incoming and In-Process Inspection for more insights

It is currently configured per an Item … (not per Item/Company combination)

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