Multi company default warehouse


i wonder how i set default warehouse for multi company used ?
if i used 1 comapny, reserved warehouse in sales order is preselected, but if i go 2 company, there is no preselect warehouse


I guess default warehouse should by by company. Maybe a feature request on github?

yap , here Company wise default warehouse · Issue #3394 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


Still it is unresolved.

Did anyone work on this?

I think default warehouse should always be on company and item default warehouse can override the default warehouse of that company.

I can’t find this feature so i guess not worked on.

Any update?

Added default warehouse in company form.
This is used to pull default warehouse in all the forms. When company is selected.

Hello, @vivek_nangare
This issue can be resolved with use of Custom fields and scripts, just as @fkardame has done! We are actively trying to integrate all generic features into the product, at times, one gets preference over the other on the basis of it’s scope and impact, but nothing will remain unaccounted for. We thank you for your active use of ERPNext in the journey of being the most efficient ERP ever!
Please try to do the customisations, hope this helps.
Thanks for reaching out!

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Thanks…it workss