Multi company manufacture and sales problem

Hi all,
I have configured 2 company:
Company A
Stock, manufacture and sales
Company B
Only sales

Company B is a customer to Company A
Company A sales products to Company B
Company B sales products to its customer

but in production planning tool I can not set the company A warehouse for orders made by company B.

how to solve the problem?

Thank you in advance


Following is how you should be able to manage this.

  • Company A should add Add Company B as a Customer.

  • Company B should add Add Company A as a Supplier.

  • When Company B places an order, they should create Purchase Order where Company A will be selected as a Supplier.

  • Company A should create a Sales Order and select Company B as a Customer.

In the Production Planning Tool, you will be able to select Sales Order made for the Company B, and do production planning for it.