Multi Company, Multiple Invoice, Single Sales Order

I love ERPnext So much that we have I have started implementing it with some dummy data.

Since this is my first post, I would like members to be easy on me.

Here is our situation:

  1. Company A manufacturing A1, A2, A3
  2. Company B manufacturing B1, B2, B3
  3. Company C manufacturers C1, C2, C3

Now our salesmen goes to customer and place order using selling modules.

The order consist of A1, A2 , B3, C2 etc. ie. Mixed order.

I would like the single transaction to affect the respective companies of product. This include sales receipt, invoice, packaging slip etc and gets updated in the sales ledger of respective companies.

Also there is no simple donate button in website, Companies like us cannot donate 600$ at once for supporting open source software but we can donate short amounts regularly. So please add some small donate button please.

Sagar Rathi

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Hi @Sagar_Rathi,

Welcome on forum @Sagar_Rathi
You can make mixed order but not make company wise separate invoice against that order. You can make multiple invoice against one order but the company for invoice should be same as mentioned in the order.

Thanks, Rohit

Is there anyway we can make items of company A available to only A, and Items of B only available to B, without login into multiple accounts.

What about donation button, I don’t like using your product and not giving back ctedits or any help.

Hi @Sagar_Rathi

Add custom field company on item master and apply user permission for roles using role permission manager for item doctype.

Thanks, Rohit

I had a quite similar scenario but without the possibility of mixing items from different companies in one invoice. I added a custom field to item doctype that links it to a particular company and when you make a sale only items of the selected company can be added. I packaged the changes in this app in case it can help you:
GitHub - africlouds/item_multi

Hi @RWEMA_Aimable And @rohit_w Thank you …
I have just started using ERPnext and I posting in a blog about complete setup from start to end of implementing ERPnext for Indian SME having multiple companies.
Lets see how much I can learn…

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@Sagar_Rathi a blog is only as good as it’s audience … any chance you could post here where it can be read?

Sure would do that…

Hello Sagar,

Do let us know if you have written blog on the ERPNext implementation experience. If possible, we will be happy to publish it on our website. You can probably email it on