Multi company on single-tenant system : settings

Good day all

In my own system I have a multi-tenant system - a separate system for each company.
So all settings are obviously different between the 3 companies.

However, when you have mulitple companies on one system, its a bit different.

I have been playing around a bit with this, and I would like to verify if my observations
are correct ----( for the singel-system)

  1. The cost centers, finance books , ware houses are unigue to each company
  2. System settings are global
  3. Manufacturing, stock , buying …etc… settings are also global to all companies.
  4. all doctypes will display info related to the default company as setup in the “Session Defaults”
  5. Clearly the default loading of a field e.g. loading cost center with “company.cost_center”
    will work correctly because it will pick up the correct cost center based once again on the
    default company set up in the “Session Defaults”

Are these obversations correct ?

Edit note:
Add COA in on point (1)

  1. Yes, COA is different for each company.
  2. Yes. Global for all companies
  3. Yes. But i think there is way to maintain the stock for specific companies. Do check.
  4. Dont know. Maybe someone else can comment

Thank you @frewper for your post and your input

I did quickly check the actual stock entries as j=you suggested ; they are managed separately.

In the end , I an trying to determine the impact on how much of the work done to create a company
will have to be re-done when I create another company. So it seems everything in (1) will have to
be re-done for the new company.

Thanks again for your time