Multi Company Tech

Multi Company Technology in ErpNext

  • IF we have 3 Companies
    How we can use 3 different System Manager
    one for different company

    A-------------------- System Manager A
    B-------------------- System Manager B
    C-------------------- System Manager C

So A dont control in B even C so on .


Ideally you should have at-least one person who should have access to all three companies. That user should be System Manager in ERPNext.

For other users, you can apply restriction based on no. of Users.

If you want absolute separation of data, it will be best to create 3 ERPNext instance, each for a Company.

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Offcourse dear must be one system manager

but can we just add 3 person as a system manger assisatnt

to creat user for every company so on
so comapny A system manger assistant a
company b system manger assistant b

that can create user and daily life transaction for each company

User master doesn’t have Company field, hence on the User master, restriction cannot be applied based on Company.

Go for a Multitenant setup, if it suits you.