Multi-Company with Multi-Currency Issue: Cannot create "Inter Company Invoice" if companies have different "Default Currency"

Our set-up: Company A (default currency INR) and Company B (default currency USD).
(both company A and company B are wholly owned by a Group Company C)

Our use case: Company A sells goods to Company B and we need to create an “Inter Company Invoice”.

We followed the step-by-step instructions at the official docs below:

We get the error message: “Company currencies of both the companies should match for Inter Company Transactions.” (see screenshot below).

I’m fairly certain this is a common use-case for multi-company setups (with companies in different countries/currencies).

Anyone encountered this before, or has any workarounds please?

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have same issue, finally via custom app hook bypassed the validation to solve it.

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hmm, after by-passing validation, are the inter company journal entries correctly recorded?

We are also considering diving into the code to comment out & by-pass the validation, but was afraid that it would screw up the resulting inter company journal entries or cause some other bugs. I mean, we’re assuming the ERPNext team included the validation for a good reason in the first place.

How to bypass the validation, same issue i’m facing. I need to generate invoice in USD But base currency is SGD

Any update for this?

Is your problem solved?

yes, of course.

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thank you

Hi @szufisher ,
May i know how you resolved this? exactly where/in which files/what changes required?on which version you resolved this? can you please help on this

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possible to share the solution?

it is more than 3 years ago, I can not access the source code anymore, as far as I can remember, the solution is simply overriding the standard code via hooks.

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what if you are using frappe cloud, how would you solve this issue? Currently, we are experiencing this.