Multi country company

I need your support please, I have a client having 3 legal companies in Tunisia (3 showrooms), in france (1showroom) and Qatar (1 showroom), what is the best org structure I have to define in ERPNext (V12)
thx in advance

You can create 3 companies in ERPNext for its individual transactions.

Follow the following link: Company Setup

Thanks @Mitali_Deshpande
Yes I got your point, in one single site we can create 3 companies, here if item have to be published in web, then system will derive which stock’s company and which price list?

Note : companies are in different countries and different currencies.


In the Item master, if you have mentioned the Company for which the item is being created, the stocks will be derived accordingly once the item is published on the website with its relevant price list too.

you mean below section right?

again I can put many company their right?

I think publishing items enforce me to create separate sites are you agree?


Make 3 independent companies on one server using multi tenant. Each country has different price, legal and tax structures. Making multi companies within one instance will lead to many complications and lot of work to setup especially users. It is great possibility that users will make mistake while working and post entries to incorrect locations.

This way you will segregate every. Down side is that there won’t be 1 consolidated financial.