Multi currency accounting - changing currency

I have created a receivable account in foreign currency. I made some transaction against that account. Usually i should not able to change the currency after that. But accidentally I removed the currency from the account details, the currency field was blank and saved the document. It saved and now the currency is base currency. I am not able to change it back to the foreign currency again as it is showing that transaction is already happened. Actually it should not change in to base currency also as we have done some transactions in another currency. Any solution for the same? Thank you.

Cancel GL Entries generated from Sales/Purchase Invoice against that account.

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Interesting edge case that nobody has thought about, probably. Let’s create an issue on Github:


Will it effect the accounting ledgers or financial reports? There are multiple invoices booked against that account and VAT is also paid

We had faced a similar issue and indeed it is a very important bug to be fixed for those using multiple currencies.
This will lead to never ending imbalance in the account with no currency defined.
Need a lock in place to not allow changing currency if it have any transaction done against it.

@Saumyaseelan, @fkardame please remember to upvote the issue on GitHub so it will get some attention :wink:

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I solved the issue from the front end. But i am thinking that it is another bug. I created a new account in USD and merge the old account to new. Ideally, the system should not allow us to merge two accounts with different currency. Anyway now I have a new account with foreign currency and all the balance are transferred to same.

That is now not possible for a payable account because the previous transaction currencies are checked and posting entries for a supplier in a new currency is not allowed.

The message is:

Supplier X has accounting entries in currency XYZ for company B. Please select a receivable or payable account with currency XYZ.