Multi Currency debit


untill now customer cant pay with multiple currencies.

Is it logic to create a create the same customer multiple times and every time with different currency .!!

how we solve that issue dear ?

please there is a fast need for this option

thanks a lot

Dears .
any help . i need your help .

hello any one dear can help?

What have you found, determined or tried - what are your thoughts?

Dear All,

Was an answer ever provided for this? I have been exploring many ’ affordable’ ERP options and this seems to be the catch…all the time.

This documents multi-currency support

Customer can pay in any currency in ERPNext if you make invoice on that currency(customer account should be in same currency as company currency).

If customer’s payment is not in same as invoice currency that cannot pay it.

Try on or on trial with

I was about to suggest the same… Why not use the exchange rates!!! Because Angola was /is not part of the exchange rates site i had to get the rates locally (bank) and added a field rate… This way I can always know what was the rate when doing the payment or purchase.
Assuming the local currency as the main and that sellings cannot be done in foreign currency… Just use the rate field as info.

customer can pay in any currency and invoice against that customer is also accept the multi currency

while Payment or jornal entery aginst that process will stop u

so the invoice u cant make it as a payemnt with multicurrency

lets say an example.

  1. . Customer A buy an Item and got an sales invoice = 100 us
    now make a payment against that invoice with the 100 us.

  2. Customer A again need an item but will pay 100 euro so sales invoice = 100 euro
    now make a payment against that invoice .
    The system will stop u and telling u that because this customer is process formaly with US dollar must all his transaction be in US dollar.

so how to solve that problem.

its not logic to create
a multy currency account for same customer

Customer A dollar ---- invoiceus ---- payment us
Customer A euro ----- invoice euro---- payment euro
Customer A KWN ---- invoice kwn----- payment kwn

this not logic dears .

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That’s additional feature requirement.

I suggest open an issue on github.

Hello Team,

Does anyone has a workaround for this topic? It is very interesting to know the logic here.


@aliriocastro I think we are asking about the same thing.

The scenario is better described here. @nabinhait