Multi Currency for single Customer/Supplier

I want to bill a single customer/supplier in two different currencies but getting error, Is this possible to use multi-currency for single customer/supplier? if not what is the solution

Assuming you have setup your base currency, you only need to enable the other currencies under currency list. Upon creating invoice for a customer/supplier, you can choose the required currency on the transaction. The system will require a conversion rate if you’d not setup exchange rates.

This is not accurate

You cannot bill a customer/supplier in a currency different from the base currency or the currency of the customer/supplier.

For example if your company base currency is USD and the customer/supplier currency is GBP, you can only transact with this customer/supplier in either USD or GBP. You cannot raise an invoice in a third currency.

This is the way ERPNext is configured for now

Not sure if you’ve tried it on V12 but yes you can bill in third, fourth or even firth currency. While you can raise invoices in different currencies, what ERPNext does is to convert into base currency for the ledger. If you’d like to keep track of payments in other currencies besides base, you can create an anccount in chart of accounts in the respective currency.

Am not sure you understand what the poster is asking

Let me explain

Your base currency is USD
You set up the supplier in GBP (with currency GBP and default payable account GBP)

You then try to invoice the customer in JPY

It will not work.
I have instances on v11 to v13 and this is not possible on any of the instances.

You please try it make sure default currency and default accounts payable is in a foreign currency and not the base currency


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@olamide_shodunke it’s possible through JV and custom scripts. Have done in for my brokerage app where trade happens in different currencies and billed as well in these currencies. Ledger is in company base currency though. Currencies conversion needs to be up to date. It’s lot of work to achieve what the original poster is asking.

So in a nutshell, it is not possible out of the box.

I’m using V12
YES i can bill customer/supplier on third, fourth… currency, but my question is about single customer/supplier.
for example:
I billed customer A on AFN next time same customer purchased on USD when i try to bill him on USD I’m getting error:

Accounting Entry for Customer: TEST can only be made in currency: AFN.

I need to bill customer A on different currency rather than the currency i billed him last time.

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is it working now maybe?


I have same problem and I think there is no solution for that.
The issue is big enough to say ERPNEXT does not support multi-currency.

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I had this case and the simplest solution was to create two suppliers, say the supplier is XYZ so I created two suppliers “XYZ USD” and set his currency as USD , and “XYZ AED” and set his currency as “AED”. The Company default currency is in “AED” . The drawback of this workaround is that the system will treat them as two separate suppliers each having his own credit/debit and balance. You may need an intermediate account if you want to settle the balance in one currency.

This way the billing issue will be solve but it’s not a standard solution if we need to print or send the customer/supplier SOA because you will have two customer/supplier in your system instead of one

In the General Ledger if you chose the two suplliers in the different currencies together, the system.will give you a combined statement. However it will be in your local currency

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It seems that people are mixing suppliers and customers up in this thread. The original poster noted “customer” and that is where we are experiencing issues as well.

We seem to be having the same sitatuation.
We sell online and sync our store with ERPnext.
This took some configuration but it works well 80% of the time.

Some basic info:
Our company base currency is THB
We sell in three different currencies

USD has been online for 2 years
GPB has been online for 6 months
GPB has been online for 2 weeks

If a customer purchased a year ago they paid in USD
If that same customer comes back now and wants to purchase in GPB the error below is shown

erpnext.exceptions.InvalidCurrency: Accounting Entry for Customer: Returning Customer can only be made in currency: USD

Are you saying that the only way around this is to create a duplicate customer entry and history?

Thanks in advance!

Multi-currency for same customer is not possible. Even In V14.
So create duplicate customers and use different currencies is the only solution I see.

Any suggestions?

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I cannot belive that ERPNext doesnt support multi currency for a same customer… its ridiculous!
i had to comment this part of the code to be able to invoice with different currency to the same customer…

Was there any noticeable negative impact to you doing this in terms of accounting?

Yes, for some use cases it’s a pain in the neck! E.g. one of our suppliers receives payments in USD while billing in EUR, and our company currency is CHF. I let you guess what that implies to account correctly on our side without this multi-currency functionality.