Multi Currency in POS

I have applied multi-currency to the POS profile. my base currency is USD and my account currency is SRD. I have made a sale and the SRD was converted into USD but while creating a closing entry the sales invoice is fetching the amount in SRD not in USD the expected balance should be in USD but it is showing in SRD so what could be the possible reason?
Note: I have made all the possible settings of multi-currency like setting an exchange rate, setting multi-currency at the chart of account level, multi-currency setting at the customer level, etc, I have done all this correctly.
So what could be the possible reason?

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Hello @Jalal , I came accross the same problem and still have an issue. I think that there is a cosmetics problem in the Currency Symbol, Even though you create a Pos profile in foreign currency(in your case SRD) and open that POS in SRD , when closing you will get the base currency symbol with the pos sale amounts in SRD instead of the the currency symbol in SRD. In the books or ledgers you can see the bookings correct. Only the currency symbol at the Pos closing is misleading. Hope the Frappe community can look at this and apply the fix asap. Even in 15 i see the same error. Kind Regards. Utemkoemar