Multi Currency Journal Entry against Employee - Foreign currency rejected

I have an Employee who receives salary in foreign currency and I am facing a problem with the Accounting entries.

I am following this howto on creating and balancing a liability against this particular employee.

Company currency is USD, Salary is paid in EUR

Now when I try to submit the first Journal entry (creating the liability)

  • row 1 Payable account (EUR): Credit (Party: Employee #1)
  • row 2 Expense account (USD): Debit

I am getting

“Accounting Entry for Employee: XZY can only be made in currency: USD”

What I have tried is to find something like currency or default payable account in the Employee (which would be analog to how it works with Suppliers) but could not find any of such.

Am I doing something wrong here?

Nope you are doing nothing wrong. It is the situation as far as I also k ow. Employee transaction has to be in home country.

I also have a similar issue which is,
I have to update the receivable opening balances of our customers with the journal entry
Our company currency is USD
we are doing multiple entries
I want to add bank opening balances, we have two banks one is USD and one AED .so when I try to enter entries of debtors it will be automatically going to AED I want to make this as USD how can I fix this can you help me
When creating a customer I have given currency as USD but it is showing in the journal as AED.