Multi-Currency Opening (Journal) Entry for Dual Currency Supplier

I’m migrating legacy data of a company to ERPNext. The Company has multiple suppliers with payable balances in 2 currencies (usd & ngn). To support multi-currency transactions, I set both Company and Supplier currency to Company currency (ngn). There was no issue posting the opening entry (journal entry) for the ngn balance. However, I get the error when I attempt to submit the usd opening balance

Supplier XX Ltd has accounting entries in currency NGN for company XYZ. Please select a receivable or payable account with currency NGN

Can anyone recommend a method to migrate post opening balances for a supplier with outstanding in 2 or more currencies into ERPNext?

Error msg

If each supplier has only one currency, then you can follow this.

  1. first create a Creditor account in the Chart of accounts in USD currency
  2. In the Supplier Account tab select the USD account for this supplier.

if you want dual currency for the same supplier. it’s quite difficult you need to override standard validation (Not recommended)

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@mainul thanks for your prompt attention. I need to use multi currency for same supplier. I will no like to override standard validation because of complications with other transactions. Is there any other alternative?
Is it an option to create same supplier more than once I.e a variant for each currency?

You can create same supplier for each currency but reconciliation with the supplier may be harder depending on your situation.