Multi currency problem


I got a problem here,i had an invoice from sales order that has USD as the currency, but my default currency is IDR. the case is if i had Down payment in USD it should create a bank voucher right?
but the bill is in USD and the customer is paying with USD, so i need create record the payment as USD, but how can i do this ? because as far i know i just can enter the data in IDR because that is my default currency.

please some advise


Currently Journal Voucher can only be made in company’s base currency. Hence, you should manually calculate payment amount in IDR and make the entry.

Multi currency journal voucher is in our to-do list, we will soon implement the feature. To stay tuned follow Multi-currency per account · Issue #1002 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

ok … im waiting for the release, hope this issue can be released soon