Multi Currency Reporting


I am trying to find Multi Currency Reporting in ERP next but I am unable to find any option regarding Balance sheet and Profit & Loss in both the currencies I am using. Can anyone help me on this?

Are you talking about this feature? It is has not yet been released. With it, you can view General ledger report, profit or loss and balance sheet in any currency of your choosing (just make sure you have set exchange rates)

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Yes exactly I was looking for this. When will this feature be released?


How did you generate the statement of accounts your showed in the pull request?


Statement of account? @olamide_shodunke

Yes…statement of account

Olamide Shodunke

@tundebabzy any expected date for the release of this update.?

Oh ok. Simply click the print icon in General Ledger report

ETA should be less than 2 weeks

Merged to develop. Please test and give feedback

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How can I test it? Could you please guide. Is this incorporated in the existing framework or do I need to get some update.? @tundebabzy

  1. Backup your database
  2. Create a new site and install ERPNext. The installation installs the develop version of ERPNext which is what you want so do not switch
  3. Restore your database on the new install