Multi custom list.html?

Related to my question here about list template, is it possible (and how) to make multi custom list.html?

So for each doctype we can have it’s own list template.
Thank you

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I’ve been trying to figure this out as well please let me know if you do!

If you don’t need to put static content on the list page, do you know that you can use the template inside the doctype directory to make list page unique to its doctype.
My need here is to place a table header. The table itself is handled by the doctypename_row.html file. But the header should be appear only once.

Maybe we have different requirements

I want to completely customize the way the list are rendered in the portal. I also what to customize each doctype individually (for example orders would be completely different to invoices) but I haven’t figured out how to.

Are you trying to achieve the same?

I haven’t tried for the standard doctypes. But for custom doctype (in custom app) this can be done. When you click that checkbox to show on website, frappe creates the templates. So each doctype has its own templates.