Multi Dimensions Chart Of Accounts (COA Segments Combination)


I am expert in Oracle ERP; however, recently I am studying ERPNext to implement it for SMEs.

Oracle ERP have the advantage of multi-segments COA which enable organizations below benefits.
• Efficient handling of multiple dimensions Management reporting requirements including Geographic Regions, Product Lines, Project Activities, and Cost Centers.
• Eliminate redundancy caused by add same dimension values many times under different parent accounts which reduces the effort to consolidate and reconcile information to satisfy management requests

For ERPNext, appreciate your advice regarding the following business case;
• Oracle ERP’s Chart of account has the below example in term of segments
o Operating unit
o Cost Center
o Project
o Main account
o Sub-account
o Region or branch
o Line of business
o Future segment 1
o Future segment 2
o Future segment 3

• I am trying to do a similar setup on ERPNext, as follows
o Company (instead of the operating unit segment)
o Cost Centre (in the chart of cost centre)
o Main account (in the tree of the chart of accounts as an end leaf)
o project
o Party (customer, supplier, etc.)
o Party name
o starting from the region segment to the end of segments, I cannot map that in ERPNext

My questions are

  1. How can I do the missing mapping that I stated above? Does it need just configuration? Or Customization? Or not possible?
  2. Do I have to repeat a big sub-tree to have the same result of using segments combinations, for example, the salaries components are a small sub-tree under the direct cost of sales; however do I have to repeat it again under the indirect cost? I need the same components in the two categories


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Please join the discussion thread for the communication to add more dimensions in the GL Entry itself, so that it will be more flexible in terms generating reports.

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Cost centers are WIP. Follow @umair s link and give a thumbs up on GitHub to help prioritise the development of this function