Multi erpnext on a single server


I would like to get some professional advice regarding the title as mentioned.

Basically I am using ERPnext for 3 of my businesses. I was planning to get a bit stronger server say 4gb ram (2gb x 3 at present) and move all the sites to one server. So I need your advice with management difficulty, updates, backups etc .

Which option is better ? Standalone or multiple (like erpnext)

Suggestions appreciated

Depends on your memory usage currently. In case you are having bottlenecks or reaching RAM thresholds, then you should consider migrating. You would have to check or monitor your server for such data.

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multiple ERPNext sites on a single server is very easy to manage compared to multiple servers. In addition it will also save hosting cost. 4GB for 3 sites is more than sufficient provided you are not heavily loaded. As Pawan mentioned, monitor your RAM usage with 3 sites and decide whether to increase the RAM or not based on your needs

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You can host multiple instances on the same box for smaller companies. The way you want to handle updates, will be a determining factor in how you setup things.

Frappe bench updates all of the sites in a single bench. So if you don’t mind all of your companies getting updates at the same time, then you can install all 3 sites in a single bench. If, however you would prefer to have more control of updates of your production sites, then create each site in it’s own bench. You can also have a non-production bench (highly recommended) to use to test upgrades there before you update in production.

See my notes on the initial installation of the first bench here

and then you can follow the instructions to install other side-by-side benches here. The title talks about “development”, but in reality it’s just side-by-side benches. Using a solid bench and site naming convention will help you with administration as well.

Good Luck


Hi again,

Thank you for all your responses .

@Pawan . @spoojary Thanks for pointing that out. I noticed all the servers using 1.5 gb to 1.8 gb with 1 instance and almost the same with blank installation too . So I believe that shouldn’t be a problem .

@James_Robertson . Thanks again for the tips . Especially the side by side part. I believe that I should be able to manage 1 server if I follow instructions properly and prepare to restore for the worst to come . Also would like to mention that you site is amazing for beginners like us . Thumbs up with the good work .

I guess I will do few tests on a single server and see how it goes. At least I should be able to save some bucks .
Thanks again .